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The Haunting of Hotel Labelle Sharon Buchbinder

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The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle

The past meets the present when a cursed turn-of-the-century man meets a feisty modern day woman.

Modern day woman, Tallulah Thompson, is the only person to see lost in limbo, “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em Lucius” Stewart in over a century. There’s a way to release him from the spell, but will reversing the curse make things better—or worse?

When hotel inspector, Tallulah Thompson, is called in along with her pug, Franny, to investigate renovation delays, she meets an extremely annoyed and dapper turn-of-the-century innkeeper. The only problem is he’s in limbo, neither dead nor alive, and Tallulah and the pug are the first to see him in a hundred years. Cursed by a medicine woman, “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em Lucius” Stewart is stuck between worlds until he finds his true love and gives her his heart. When he first sees Tallulah, he doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Yet, her stunning beauty, and feisty attitude pull him in. With the fate of Hotel LaBelle on the line, Tallulah with the help of a powerful medicine woman turns Lucius back into a flesh and blood man. She and Lucius team up to save the hotel, but Tallulah can't help but wonder if he will ever let go of his past love and learn to love again.

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First Place: Series, Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards, Romance/Fantasy/Suspense/Time Travel/Historical Western




IDA award

The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle tied for SECOND in the Paranormal Novel category of the 2017 International Digital Awards (IDA) Contest from the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America.





The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle is a finalist in the PARANORMAL ROMANCE category of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards(NERFA).









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